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Metal fibers

Metal fibers



Metal fibers extracted from a used tire


Place of origin:

We obtain our metal fiber from recycling a mixture of non-reusable used tires from different categories (LV, PL, PT, Agrarian, Motorcycle ...). The tire contains on average 15 to 25% of steel, in the form of woven web to reinforce the carcass or rods which reinforces the heel.


Product Features:

Density: 164 kg / m3 (car and truck original fiber mix)





Industrial manufacturing process: 

Magnetic extraction from the crushed tire. Our magnetic extraction system allows obtaining a constant quality of metallic fiber with a rubber load guaranteed rates of less than 4%.



Steel wires released during granulation can be valued in the steel industry.



Metallic Fiber Data Sheet


 Metallic Fiber Data Sheet


 Safety Data Sheet



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