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Horse Gom

Horse Gom



Horse Gom


HORSE-GOM is an alternative for equestrian trails, riding arenas and schooling yards.


Its characteristics:

HORSE-GOM is used as topcoats incorporated in the superficial layer of the surface to create.

Its assets: 

Horse-Gom is a perfect coating thanks to its draining qualities, its flexibility and rot-proof character. Horse-Gom emits no dust at all. Horse-Gom’s flexibility strongly decreases the compaction speed rate of the surface coating, and greatly reduces the loosening operations necessary for obtaining a flexible soil. Moreover, its mechanical properties limit the use of watering and can significantly preserve the horseshoes. The increased flexibility of Horse-Gom’s work area reduces musculoskeletal injuries and pathologies such as pulled equine due to propulsion efforts, to repeated impact and / or impact upon receipt at the foot barriers ... for Horse-Gom absorbs a large part of the shock wave.


The particle size varies between 0.8 and 6 mm. Our aggregates are in accordance with the standard XP P 90 112.




Provide alluvial sand mixture + Horse-Gom

HORSE-GOM 50% and 50% sand (Example for a thickness of 15 cm on a 800 m2 riding arena: 96 tons of sand + 42 tons of Horse-Gom)

• Step one: establishment of a nonwoven geotextile on natural soil. The geotextile creates a barrier between the natural soil and the new coating. This barrier is important in order to prevent the gravel and other materials from polluting the new coating.

• Step two: evenly implementation of the alluvial sand layer.

• Step three: implementation of Horse-Gom in even layer.

• Step four: mixture of alluvial sand and Horse-Gom using a harrow (be careful to choose a harrow whose teeth do not snag the geotextile).


The coating is then completed.



(Example for a thickness of 15 cm on a 800 m2 riding arena: 42 tons of Horse-Gom)

• Step one: loosening and refining of the coating.

• Step two: implementation of Horse-Gom in even layer.

• Step three: mixture of the original coating and Horse-Gom using a harrow.

The coating is then completed.



 Product Data Sheet HORSE-GOM 


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