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Grave Gom

Grave Gom




Grave Gom

An environment-friendly solution: aggregate –based materials recovery. 

Truck tires, tractor cars and industrial vehicles of all sizes and all types are processed. We provide a rigorous treatment process in order to guarantee full traceability and transparency, all while respecting the environment.


• Reduce all the tires delivered into aggregates,

• No amount limit for deliveries,

• Zero pollutants discharge into the environment,

• The guarantee of impeccable service,

• The possibility of establishing a quality charter for your specific needs.


Used tires hit the road with a huge potential as a civil engineering construction material. Grave-Gom is used instead of conventional materials such as aggregates, stones and anti-noise composites.


Grave-Gom is not only a lightweight road filling material, but it is also used:

• for the filling.

• as sound insulation.

• as insulation against freezing.

• filter element in technical landfill centers. 

• filter element for drainage ditches

• filter element septic systems.


As construction material, Grave-Gom presents, among others, the following advantages:

• Grave-Gom is lighter than traditional materials, thus it reduces the pressure stresses on the walls, abutments and foundation layers.

• Grave-Gom has very good sound and thermal insulating characteristics.

• Grave-Gom is an excellent draining with exceptional filtering capacity.

• Grave-Gom is rot-proof and durable.

• For the same volume, Grave-Gom is almost 4 times cheaper to transport than conventional building materials (24 grit T = 16 m3) - (24T chips = 60 m3).


The specifications of our construction material are:

• Size: 50 x 80 mm (average).

• Density 470 kg / m3.

• Absence of pollutants.

• No metal in excess of more than 2 cm fragment of a ground

• No metal excess of more than 1 cm in 75 percent of the crushed pieces


Grave-Gom is always the best choice of building material if a project requires a light filling material. Shredded tires weigh only 470 kg per cubic meter, which represents only about one third of what conventional building materials can weigh.

Grave-Gom is also very effective in applications of thin bases in which it helps to facilitate drainage and avoid frost heave through their insulating properties.



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